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How do you want to grow your LASIK practice? Do you want more qualified leads and to be able to convert interested consumers into actual patients? There is an art to attracting patients to your LASIK center, and then transforming those pre-LASIK consults into real patients and surgeries.

With more practices offering LASIK today, you need a competitive edge on the market – and you need to know how to reach your target customer. Patient Pipeline knows just how to do that for you.

Handling all of your digital LASIK marketing needs, we stand on the highest amount of integrity. Best quality of work. And tangible, patients-in-your-chair results.

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Why Hire Us?

LASIK Marketing

At Patient Pipeline, we have features that ensure better leads and more conversions for our clients. We focus on the unique attributes of your company so that we can provide you with 20/20 marketing vision.

We do more than build a flashy website; instead, we offer the full package of online marketing tools and know-how including:

  • Pipeline Creation
  • Social Media
  • Landing Pages
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • AdWords
  • Reputation Monitoring and Improvement
  • Patient Contact Forms
  • Customized Content

Why Partner With Patient Pipeline?

Impressive Internet Lead-to-Patient Conversion Rates +

Conversions are the entire reason to work with a LASIK marketing agency. There is no point in having leads if they cannot convert into real customers. At Patient Pipeline, we have an average conversion rate of 29% for our customers – which is higher than the average website conversion rate alone. We pride ourselves on not only finding the right fit but helping our clients with more targeted marketing so that the patients our clients meet with already know they are hiring them for their LASIK procedure before they arrive.

Creative Lead Captures +

The way to get more leads is to give more options for collecting information. We offer more forms on your website through our high-quality landing pages so that you can get more quality leads right from your traffic. When you have your captures placed at strategic points on the website, you increase the chances that patients will fill them out and get in touch with your business.

We Get Millennials +

Today, the core of your patients will be online, and most of those patients are millennials. Did you know that attracting a millennial takes a particular type of advertisements and marketing?

Our team knows how to find, target, and convert millennials so that they want to use your company for their LASIK procedure.

How do we know so much about millennials? Because a few of us here at Patient Pipeline are millennials. We know how to keep them interested in what you have to say, get them enthusiastic about LASIK procedures, and we know how to make your target audience trust that you are the right provider for them.

Brand Building at Its Finest +

Your marketing is crucial because it tells potential patients about the quality of your care and what you can do for them. When your materials are lackluster, people will not take the time to get to know your business or even consider your services.

That is why our team focuses on building your brand’s image, creating a strong brand following, and offering consistent internal marketing strategies that keep your name active. This includes social media marketing such as Facebook ads and other platforms that have the potential to reach out to potential clients.

We work with you to make sure that your brand doesn’t fall short, especially when it comes to informing the public about what you have to offer. Our team works closely with you to ensure all your external and internal marketing aligns with that brand so that you build trust.

Speeding Up the Pipeline Process +

Our marketing team knows how to make an efficient patient pipeline for LASIK practices. That means your leads go quicker from the initial contact to booking a consultation. When pipelines are less complicated, and customers feel streamlined, they have fewer opportunities to back out or choose a different provider.

A Steady Flow of Patients for Your LASIK Practice +

The most prominent advantage to using Patient Pipeline is that we keep your business thriving. When you have a continuous flow of patients coming in for consultations, you do not have to go out and hunt down more leads or deal with slow periods. Instead, the work keeps coming to you.

We Offer In-Depth Webinars +

Enjoy a done-for-you package that helps you create, host, and offer a LASIK webinar. You just show up, while the team at Patient Pipeline does all the background work.

Our team uses our technology to host the webinar, then we send out emails to dead leads and get them to come back. On the day of the webinar, you show up and watch your LASIK volume grow.

With our innovative packages, you can get up to four webinars per year – which is four excellent opportunities to get more conversions.

Patient Pipeline has been able to increase my ability to convert cold traffic on my website to new LASIK leads by 491.7%!

Dr. Frank Rosenbaum
Dr. Frank Rosenbaum Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center

After having Patient Pipeline for just 30 days, we’ve already seen 6 LASIK consults come in the door.

Dr. Timothy McGarity
Dr. Timothy McGarity Restoration Eyecare

Out of 600 contacts/ interested people from Patient Pipeline, over 148 of them requested us to contact them for an appointment. Which resulted in treating 68 eyes with LASIK!

Jessica Short
Jessica Short MidWest Eye Center

We receive so many new leads that I have always used Pt Pipeline Activity as a marker for how many eyes are looking at our website.

Dr. Steven Stetson
Dr. Steven Stetson Diamond Vision

In a world of so many choices for help in getting Patients into your practice, Patient Pipeline delivers on their promises. Thank you for your fresh approach!

Kevin O'Brien, COA
Kevin O'Brien, COA Fichte, Endl, & Elmer Eyecare

In the first 6 weeks, Patient Pipeline brought in 51 new leads and 11 new LASIK patients! This is a great asset to my practice.

Dr. Ron Frenkel
Dr. Ron Frenkel AAPECS Eyecare

How We Do It

Here's How We Get Started

We meet with you to determine one-on-one what your business needs are, where your leads are failing, and what you have to offer new leads.

We design a marketing plan that helps conquer your shortcomings and delivers the results you expect from a marketing agency.

We help find the right set of solutions and team members to manage your project and speed up the Patient Pipeline process.

We manage your project from start to finish, monitor the progress, and adjust when needed so that you have a continuous flow of new LASIK patients.

You Have a Practice to Run –
Let Us Help You Get Patients Today

You know what you are doing when it comes to helping your patients. You are focused in on what they need, and you improve the vision of your patients every day.

Now you just need to get the message out there so more people come to you.

When you use Patient Pipeline, we will create a custom package just for your brand and utilize all the proper outlets to bring you the patients you need to succeed.

Some of our main focus areas are: Social Media, Pipeline Creation, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Google Adwords, Search Engine Marketing, Customized Content, Reputation Monitoring, Local SEO, Patient Contact Forms, and more. Contact us today!

To get started, book a consultation with our team or start browsing the testimonials of other practices just like yours that have had success with Patient Pipeline.

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