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I commonly hear from ophthalmology practices that they can’t think of good content to provide on their practice Facebook pages.  So from time-to-time, I like to provide timely “copy-and-paste,” “swipe” status updates for you to use on your Facebook page.  Today is one of them.

There was a recent article on USA Today about Olympic athlete Bode Miller and why he came up short in Sochi.  He attributes not getting LASIK as he had planned, as one of the reasons he didn’t perform well at the Olympics.

Using this as a Facebook status update gives you the ability to “newsjack” a pop culture story.  In other words, you’re entering the conversation that is top of mind to prospective patients (the Olympics) and tying it into a story relevant to the profession.

Here’s How To Add This To Your Facebook Page:

Step 1:  Go to your practice Facebook page and write a quick 1 liner for your status update.

You can use something along the lines of…“Ever feel the same regret of LASIK?  Contact our office and we’ll help you win vision gold!”

Or more of a news headline like, “U.S. Downhill Skier Attributes Agony of Olympic Defeat To Regret Of Not Having LASIK.”

Feel free to copy and paste either of the above if you’d like, or come up with your own!

Step 2:  Then copy and paste the link below after your text:

Step 3:  After you paste the link, you’ll have to arrow over once to be sure the link generates the below photo of Bode Miller to better illustrate his frustration.

LASIK marketing

Step 4:  Press “post.”


I always have my ear to the social media ground and will send more “swipe” updates to you as they occur!