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What is #FOMO?

The Fear Of Missing Out.

It’s a real thing with millennials. Why does it ring true with this group?

Because we are connected to our iPhones. We’re using our Snapchat filters to show what concert we’re at. Or Instagramming the perfect photo from the side of the plane to show that we’re gallivanting across the globe.

If we’re really honest – we’re putting on a front. Showing to everyone online that we’re world travelers and should be envied.

Remember when I called we millennials vain?  Could ring true here.

How do you use this in your LASIK marketing?

You have to be THE place to go for LASIK surgery in your town. No doubt about it. There can be no other logical choice. And if they look into surgery elsewhere they will feel an internal battle that this isn’t the place to go.

Let me give you an example.

As a millennial I always to want to do business with brands that I like and trust. So when I fly, I like to stick with Southwest. They take such great care of me.

A member of our team, Ryan, flew with them for the first time recently. He tweeted them letting them know it was his first flight.

They were really excited for him and the corporate account directly replied back on Twitter to give him a code for free internet to thank him.


Little things like this keep me on Southwest.

So when I took a trip recently and had to fly United, it was a completely different experience. Rude. Delays. Long. Painful layovers.

You bet when I’m on Southwest I’m tweeting them and taking pics of the wing that proudly says “Southwest” on the side.

On United? I give no knowledge to the outside world who I’m taking to reach my destination. I’ll hold off on Instagram until I touch down. If anything I’m Yelping how terrible the experience is.

Besides.  Let’s be honest. Southwest has positioned themselves as the fun, hip airline to take.

Here are some examples:

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 6.33.41 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 6.40.36 AM

So yes.

It’s ‘cool’ to take Southwest.

Therefore when I see others flying Southwest on my Facebook feed, I feel like I’m missing out.

I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not hip or cool to be the draw that Southwest is.”

That’s simply not true. Let your staff carry the torch. You just have to lead the way by creating a culture worth talking about.

Action Steps:

1. Set up a culture of fun

For millennial LASIK patients to gravitate to your practice you have to have one your staff actually enjoys being a part of. Look over your core values (if you don’t have them in writing, put them in writing). Be sure having fun is on the list. People are simply too stiff in the professional world. It’s okay to maintain a high level of professionalism just add some fun in the mix.

2. Showcase your fun online

You need others to see what you’re doing to be attracted to it. Throw crazy days in the office and talk about it on social media. Create a homecoming week in the fall where everyday you have a different goofy dress up day.  Show the pictures on Facebook and Instagram. When a potential patient see this versus the box LASIK store you’re in the driver’s seat because you’re more authentic.

3. Tell your story

Everyone loves a story. Your story should bleed through everything you do. You need to write your hero story and be sure to include some variance of it in all of your advertising, social media, email marketing. Everything.

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