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If you remember from way back when, we taught you the 6 common LASIK testimonial mistakes practices are using on their website and how you can avoid them.

But how do you even get LASIK testimonials in the first place?

Every LASIK patient that sits up out of your chair should be giving you a testimonial.

It should be part of your standard operating procedures. If you did this, imagine how quickly you would build an army of testimonials?

So how do you get more LASIK testimonials?

Step 1: Ask.

Most counselors, doctors, and techs just simply don’t ask.

Here’s the kicker: There is a magic time to ask. When they’re most excited.

Typically one-day post-op when they’re raving about how well they can now see. Perfect time to ask.

Simply say something along the lines of, “Ms. Jones, I’m so happy you’re as thrilled as you are now that you’re seeing great. We rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals from happy patients such as yourself. Would you mind telling a few friends and if they’re interested in LASIK we’ll be sure to take extra good care of them?”

Step 2: Share.

As described in our Marketing LASIK to Millennials Manifesto email course, most millennials are on social media.

Ideally, in the process of the LASIK consultation, the counselor asks what their social media platform of choice is.

Then when the patient is seeing great after surgery, they can ask to take a selfie with the doctor and post to their own Instagram, Facebook page, etc.

Ask them to use your custom hashtag when posting to social media. What’s a hashtag and what’s the benefit of it?

A hashtag is a hyperlink that connects everyone on social media talking about the same topic.

Using your own custom hashtag, when patients talk about you online you’re able to pull everyone using the same hashtag together in one place.

Then you can build social proof by streaming all the Tweets, posts, and photos of those using your hashtag in your lobby and on your website. There’s an app called Tint that does this for you.

Step 3: Incentivize.

Always check your state laws on what you can or cannot do for incentivizing patients for referrals. But if you are allowed to give incentives for referrals, I would create a referral program that has the option for a patient to choose between 1 of 3 high-perceived value gifts.

A great example of a high-perceived value gift could be an Apple Watch. Then, if they like gifts 2 or 3, it’s more of an incentive for them to send you more patients.

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