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How Do You Get Positive Reviews For Your Ophthalmology Practice On Yelp?

This is a continuation of my post on the 4 Steps To Take Back Control Of Your Online Reputation From Yelp.  Again, a large part of your LASIK Marketing strategy should be how to manage your online reputation.  Especially on Yelp.  However, if you want positive reviews on Yelp, you have to play by their rules.

According to Yelp’s strict policy:

  • You can’t ask patients to post a review on Yelp.  Patients are supposed to stumble upon Yelp themselves and decide to write a review on their own accord.
  • You definitely cannot incentivize patients to write a review.
  • You can’t email patients to write a review.  Yelp can track this down and will block any review from being seen.

The problem lies that most folks don’t hit the keyboard to write you a review unless they’re angry.  Which means your happy patients typically aren’t proactive to write any reviews to boost your online reputation.

What Yelp suggests is using the badge below that reads, “Find us on Yelp,” in your ophthalmology practice and on your website.  They get free advertising and you just hope someone angry doesn’t see it.  If you do go this route, be sure you already have your business profile set up and the email alerts in place.
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Then play massive defense to make sure you can respond to any negative review that surfaces.

To your practice,