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Have you heard of the term “social proof” thrown around lately?  Ever wondered what it is and how you can use it?

I’m going to break down what social proof is, why it’s important, and how you can use it to grow your ophthalmology practice.  Starting today.

What is social proof?

According to psychologist and author of the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini defines social proof  by stating that people are more likely to perform actions of those who have performed the same action before them.

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In other words, you want to set up ways in your LASIK marketing to highlight those patients who have taken the plunge and had LASIK at your practice.

This is important because you want potential patients to feel not only comfortable in choosing your practice, but almost overwhelmed with the number of patients who have trusted you with their vision.

Step 1:  How Do You Start Using Social Proof?

You want social proof to bleed throughout everything you do.  This means your website, printed materials, social media, etc.  Everything.

If you read my blog post on the 6 Common Testimonial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, you’ll have learned that it’s efficient to scatter testimonials all over your website.  Strategically placing testimonials that talk about a specific procedure on that same page.  For example, having a LASIK testimonial on your LASIK page within your site.

Because social proof relies on patients trusting those who have gone before them, you want to vary the demographics of your testimonials.  Social proof works when a prospective patient identifies someone in your testimonials who appears to be like them.

They subconsciously think to themselves, “Hey, this guy’s like me.” (Same age group, gender, location, occupation, etc.)  “And if they had a good experience, I will too!”  Thus, choosing you and growing your practice.

Step 2:  Elevate Your Authority Status Using Social Proof

Social proof also works well with authority.  If you’ve ever won any awards or featured on any notable platforms, it’s always great to highlight these accomplishments on your website.

To do this, have your web person add a section to your existing homepage titled, “As Featured In…”  Then place the recognizable logos of the organizations you have partnered with.  (Of course, with their permission.)  You’ll want to ask your web person to take the color out of the logos and make them black and gray.  Reason being, you don’t want a bright orange logo if that clashes with your brand colors.  As seen below:

LASIK marketing

Create instant authority with featured logos.

If you haven’t presented on the above platforms, don’t sweat it.  Local markets work just as well.  Adding these logos elevates your authority status in the minds of potential patients and positions you as the trusted source in your market.

Step 3:  Manage Uncontrolled Social Proof

Social proof can also occur without your influence on review sites such as Yelp.  As mentioned in my blog post on the 4 Steps To Take Back Control Of Your Online Reputation From Yelp.  You want to be sure you are constantly monitoring these sites.  You can do so by setting up a Google alert with your name and practice name.  This way you can ensure that social proof works for you, not against you.

Follow the above steps to integrate and manage social proof in your LASIK marketing and see more patients and referrals today!

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