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I did a recent interview with a prospective patient, Brian Cooksey, from Columbia, MO.  I met Brian through my cousin who’s a pharmacist in Columbia.

I really wanted to “get inside the head” of prospective patients as they search for LASIK online.  As a LASIK marketing guy, this was really eye opening.

Be sure to catch…

  • Why he ignores Google ads (1:42)  (Is your money better spent in natural SEO efforts?)
  • He entered his info into a Patient Pipeline LASIK self-evaluation.  (2:56)  (I’m sure you’ll see the value in capturing his information as he’s searching around.)
  • How he searches each doctor’s name in Google specially looking for reviews (5:24)  (Validates the importance of accurate reviews as we’ve talked about recent blog posts about Yelp.)
  • Why he looks for blogs and articles as sources of authority (6:11)  (This was a shocker for me.)
  • How referrals tied to real Facebook profiles increases credibility of reviews (9:04)  (Patient Pipeline is the only service that provides this for you.)
  • How much influence an OD referral has on his decision (10:53)  (Especially important to build and keep OD relationships.)
  • How much research he does before making a decision (12:21)  (Why autoresponder emails carry so much weight in the long decision making process.)

As you’ll see above, Dr. McGarity was able to capture Brian’s info and now reaches out to him via tested email autoresponders as Brian continues his search.

Think of a good question for the next prospective patient interview?  Go ahead and leave it in the comment box below: