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As you know, fear is commonly the number one objection to a patient getting LASIK.

We came across a new article on ESPN yesterday that talks about how a Major League catcher overcame his fear of LASIK and what that’s done for his batting career.

The article was brief on his fear but here’s what he said, “I was afraid of the surgery and didn’t know much about it.”

Thankfully, he got over his fear.

According to the article, last year he struck out a career-high 101 times.

How’s he doing this year post-LASIK?

So far, he leads all catchers in the league with 10 home runs and 35 RBI’s (runs batted in) and attributes his success to LASIK.

Here’s what he said, “My vision in the strike zone has gotten so much better than it was in previous years.”

“Before, I would swing at balls that looked like they were in the zone and be free swinging at a lot of pitches out of zone. Now I’m able to zone in and picking it up so much better. I’m focused on my area and swinging at strikes.”

That’s powerful.

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Major League catcher on fire after overcoming fear of LASIK. According to ESPN, Wilson Ramos was afraid of LASIK, but after striking out a career-high 101 times last year, he knew he needed a change. How’s he doing this year post-LASIK? Leading all catchers in the league with 10 homers and 35 RBI’s!

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