LASIK Webinars Done-For-You

Reactivate Dead LASIK Leads, Elevate Your Authority Status, And Create An Instant Jolt Of Brand New LASIK Patients In Your Chair.

What Are Patient Pipeline Webinars?

Patient Pipeline Webinars is a complete, "done-for-you" package to create, host, and manage LASIK webinars on your behalf.  We run everything for you.  You just show up and present.

  • We host the webinar technology so you don't have to.
  • We send emails to reactivate dead LASIK leads and provide Facebook ads to create new ones.
  • You'll show up the day of the webinar to present.  Then watch your volume grow.

What Other Practices Say:

In a world of so many choices for help in getting Patients into your Practice, The Patient Pipeline delivers on their promises. Thank you for your fresh approach!

Kevin O'Brien, COT
Fichte, Endl, & Elmer Eyecare

What's Included?

Included in the Done-For-You Webinar Package:

  • Email sequence to reactivate dead LASIK leads
  • Facebook ads to obtain new LASIK leads
  • 4 Webinars Per Year (one every quarter)
  • Practice run and live session for each webinar
  • We moderate the webinars for you

Take Patient Pipeline Webinars For a Test Drive.

Sign up for your first webinar for just $499.  No obligation to continue.