The 2022 Year In Review:

Discover What Worked and What Didn't In LASIK Marketing

We reveal everything we learned after generating 19,273 leads in 2022

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Tuesday Dec 13th - 8 PM EST

In This Webinar You'll Discover...

Should you advertise on TikTok? We tested it and we'll give you the definitive answer.
How to market lesser consumer known refractive procedures such as EVO ICL or ZEISS SMILE. 
How we reduced no-shows from web leads by 47%... and then again by another 37%
The 3 Facebook Ads mistakes most people make.  You'll need this to manage sky high CPLs (cost per lead) on the platform. 
The 2 marketing messages we ran that completely flopped and why you should avoid them. 
The YouTube script formula we use to generate a sustainable CPL on the platform. 
Our 2023 Strategy to give our practices the best fighting chance to hit their refractive goals given macroeconomic uncertainty. 

Join me on Tuesday, December 13th @ 8 PM EST

"After a moonshot of volume in 2021, we started 2022 really strong.  Only to hit a pretty serious late summer/back-to-school time low.   Many practices around the country reporting anywhere from 8 - 16% down YOY.  We were able to pivot quickly for our customers to finish 2022 strong.  

I'm excited to share our learnings after generating close to 20,000 leads during the year and what we're planning for possible uncertain economic times ahead.  I'm looking forward to you joining." 

Nick Sideris

Managing Director, Patient Pipeline

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