The 2024 Refractive Marketing Plan:

3 Strategies To Grow Refractive Volume During Economic Uncertainty

Plus everything we learned after generating 33,657 leads in 2023

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Tuesday Dec 12th - 8 PM EST

In This Webinar You'll Discover...

How to build a moat around your practice to ensure you gobble up the interested refractive leads in your market.  
How to stretch your marketing dollars to ensure you're getting the most leads and opportunities possible for your money.  
Cost Per Lead (CPL) targets for each digital advertising platform so you can see how your ad performance stacks up against national averages.  
Why marketing LASIK discounts doesn't work.  And what you should do instead.  
How top practices, despite being down in volume, are using procedures such as EVO ICL, ZEISS SMILE, or RLE/CLR to grow overall revenue. 
The new SEO strategy that Google is giving a massive first mover advantage to, increasing inbound LASIK calls by 26%.  
Scripts to increase conversion at every step of the patient journey (digital, phone, and consultation)  
Our 2024 Strategy to give our practices the best fighting chance to hit their refractive goals given macroeconomic uncertainty. 

Join me on Tuesday, December 12th @ 8 PM EST

"Despite a challenging 2023 that saw a decline in refractive volume across numerous practices, a significant turnaround occurred for many through a strategic emphasis on high-value procedures. Across the country, practices reported year-over-year decreases ranging from 16% to 20%.

Fortunately, our swift adaptation allowed us to maintain momentum, ensuring a strong finish for our customers. I'm thrilled to discuss our insights gleaned from generating nearly 34,000 leads throughout the year and our proactive strategies for navigating potential economic uncertainties ahead. Your participation is eagerly anticipated."

Nick Sideris

Managing Director, Patient Pipeline

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