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Your LASIK practice is probably well established on Facebook by now, but should you consider adding Instagram to your social media marketing? You often hear Facebook is for business and Instagram is for people, but how better to tell your LASIK story practice by using people

6 Reasons Why Your LASIK Business Needs Patient Testimonials

As a LASIK practitioner, you may wonder if patient testimonials are vital to your business. Research shows that 77% of patients use an online search before choosing a physician or practice. Andrew Rainey, Binary Foundation executive vice president of strategy, said, “competition is a click away with online reviews.” He also said over 50% of

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5 Ways Social Media Can Help Your LASIK Practice

After your website, your social media presence is like your second home on the web. On your site, people can learn about you and your practice, read reviews and recommendations, get your contact info, and even message your business directly. All told, Facebook is one of the greatest influencers in purchase decisions and continues to

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5 Most Important Features on a LASIK Website

As with most businesses, marketing a LASIK practice has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. Where you might have relied on the YellowPages, billboards, and referrals in the past, you now have the world wide web, which has taken over all of these as the most important marketing tool available to LASIK practices.

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Should You Have Blog Posts on Your LASIK Site?

The pros and cons of having blogs on business websites is a much-debated topic. Some say that it’s the most important part of your site, others argue that it’s a waste of time and money. Being that having and maintaining a blog can be somewhat time-consuming, it’s an important question for LASIK practice owners with

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