Email marketing is a tool that you can use when getting Millennial clients into your LASIK practice. However, just because you buy yourself a Mailchimp account doesn’t mean that you are going to get an entire slew of customers rushing to open your emails.

Email marketing takes time, skill, and with enough skill, that time can be drastically cut down to the size. Here are a few tips that you can get started using for your email marketing efforts today.

Identify Your Customers

First and foremost, you have to identify who your customers are. This may seem like the easiest step, but it’s also fundamental to all of your marketing practices.

Who are your clients, what things do they like, how far are they willing to drive to your practice, what prompts someone into going to your LASIK practice? These are fundamental questions that should be answered when crafting an email marketing campaign for your practice. However, with the approach of using LASIK email marketing, you need to focus on what type of Millennial clients that you are looking to attract to your practice.

Create Headings That Grab Your Readers’ Attention

Headings are the most important thing in your email newsletter. Here’s a question for you: what makes you want to read an article? It’s the headline.

In screenwriting, the saying is, “Something must happen in the first ten minutes.” Your headline is that ten minutes. Make your headline interesting by mentioning something straightforward. A good example would be, “This one thing can ruin your eyesight + how to prevent it.”

Speak Directly to Your Reader

There’s a reason why you have to understand your reader very fundamentally: you have to know who you are talking to first before you can speak directly to your reader. Identifying who your audience is means having some understanding of who your demographic is. If you were selling LASIK machinery to other LASIK practitioners, you would immediately know what things you might want to say.

You know the problems, you know the frustrations automatically.

While you can’t get into the head of every Millennial patient who might walk through the door, you can have a general idea of how Millennials act from experience and doing some light, well-research marketing data on that generation.

Use Storytelling Is Your Basic Key

Your LASIK email marketing techniques wouldn’t be complete without understanding how to use storytelling as your basic key to understanding your audience. People are moved by narratives more powerfully than simple data points. Narratives are easier to evoke emotion and more importantly, easier to remember.

Every story has a beginning (setup), middle (conflict), and an end (resolution/cliffhanger). You can use cliffhanger to drive certain calls-to-action that are beneficial to your audience. The main takeaway from here is to ensure that you are still remembered by telling stories.

Have Your LASIK Practice Marketing Handled for You

As a recap of this article: First and foremost, always identify who your audience and have a great understanding of how you fit into their lives. With those lessons at hand, you can speak directly to your reader and using stories is a great way to ensure that you can easily achieve that.

At Patient Pipeline, we understand that LASIK marketing can be challenging and time-consuming. Because of that, we have designed our business to focus on helping your LASIK practice get the patients through your door.

We’d love to talk with you about your LASIK marketing and learn how we’ll be able to help you through your specific needs. Contact us today to start building your LASIK marketing.