Just when you think you have your digital marketing strategy down, it happens:  the social media algorithm changes.  As an ophthalmology professional, you don’t have time to keep up with the latest social media trends.  For the newest wave of LASIK marketing, we are going to explain the importance of video content and Reels, as well as tips for creating the most compelling digital marking content for your LASIK practice. 

Why Create Videos for Digital Marketing?  

Keeping up with the latest algorithm changes for your ophthalmology practice can be as challenging as achieving the refractive target when implanting a multifocal IOL.  However, understanding social media trends is important, because algorithms preferentially choose which content is seen (and which content isn’t).  Currently, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are prioritizing “Reels” to stay competitive with TikTok. 

What Types of Ophthalmology Videos Should I Create for LASIK Marketing? 

At present, straightforward, informative content is being replaced by videos intended to go “viral” (i.e., be seen and shared by millions of social media users).  Humorous, engaging content is now preferred.  However, just because your videos take a playful twist doesn’t mean they can’t be educational.  The key is to create content that is seen, first and foremost. 

Tips for Creating the Best Digital Marketing Videos

Reels should be short, roughly 15 – 60 seconds in length.  It is important to include subtitles, as nearly 69% of social media users watch videos without sound.  At the same time, a useful way to engage social media users for LASIK Marketing is to creatively participate in “trends,” which can include setting videos to specific audio clips or songs.  Above all, authenticity goes far in digital marketing, and showing the relatable – yet professional – side of ophthalmology is crucial for creating successful LASIK marketing videos. 

Types of Videos to Create for LASIK Digital Marketing

Diving into video content can be intimidating at first.  A quick LASIK tutorial, description of upcoming promotions, or even an introduction to staff can help put potential customers at ease, while also ensuring that your business is seen.  As you become more comfortable with this type of content, following trends (again, within reason – no one wants to see their ophthalmologist eating a Tide Pod), you can keep your followers engaged in a fun and light-hearted way.  

Ultimately, creating video content for digital marketing may seem time consuming and complicated, but it is the price one must pay to have their company noticed in the digital age, especially among younger demographics who may be considering LASIK surgery for the first time.  Videos are also a fantastic way for potential patients to get to know you, as many will resist picking up the phone to schedule an in-person consultation.  Until the social media algorithms inevitably change again, a key component of LASIK marketing should include some ophthalmology themed videos across your social media platforms for enticing potential customers to your practice.  In some cases, it’s better to be seen and (potentially) not heard.  

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