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LASIK marketing landing pages for your LASIK and Refractive Surgery practice will help you highlight what is most important for both you and your potential patients, giving them a better user experience and you a better chance of turning them into patients.

If you’ve ever stumbled onto a website and had no idea what to do next, then you’re familiar with a common problem with websites. 

There’s often just too much going on, and none of it seems to be exactly what you’re looking for. You go to a website only to be plastered with options, offers, and an endless stream of information that’s insisting upon being read. 

This is always frustrating for the end user, but it’s all the more frustrating for business owners trying to generate leads from their overly busy websites. 

While this speaks generally to the importance of good design, there is also the problem of needing to add a lot to your site. You want to have a lot of content, a lot of information about what you do. After all, it’s good for your visibility in search engines to have a good amount of content, and you want to provide people with useful information – and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

But sometimes, especially when your marketing efforts become more sophisticated, you need really specific pages that correlate with specific offers. For these efforts, your homepage often won’t perform well at generating leads. 

The solution? Landing pages.

The Purpose of landing pages for refractive surgery & lasik practices

There’s a concept in internet marketing known as a funnel. The idea is that you start with a large group of individuals who are aware of your business – that’s the top of the funnel – and then you move to the middle, which is comprised of individuals who are aware of and interested in your business and what you offer. The final part of the funnel, the bottom, is made up of those who are very likely to become your patients. 

Marketing funnels – or Patient Pipelines – are an important tool for any refractive surgery or LASIK practice’s marketing strategy, and landing pages are an important part of the Pipeline structure. 

The primary function that landing pages fulfill for pipelines is allowing you to become increasingly focused in on your audience, giving them information about one primary topic and providing just one specific action for them to take after they review the landing page – usually, getting in touch with you. 

A typical landing page is set somewhat apart from the rest of your site. It usually won’t include any navigation to the rest of your site or be easily found (if at all) from your website’s navigation. The reason being, you don’t want visitors to your site to get distracted if they’ve already expressed interest. 

You want to eliminate what is called “friction” from your visitors’ experience on your page. Friction refers to any action or thought that a site visitor has to take to get what they’re looking for. Eliminating as much noise and friction as possible makes it much easier for those at the bottom of the funnel, viewing your landing page, to convert into patients.

the versatility of landing pages for lasik marketing

Landing pages are immensely useful tools for more than just marketing funnels, though. In particular, they’re an integral part of most advertising campaigns, whether using a platform like Facebook or Google Ads.

Your website, after all, is used for a very general purpose. There’s a lot of information about what you do, who you are, what services you provide, etc. But a good ad shouldn’t function as an invitation to a website. It should focus on a singular thing, such as the financing options you offer, the expertise that you provide, or a special promotion.

If you send people who click on that ad to your homepage, the data says that they’re not nearly as likely to take your offer. If, for example, you focus your ad on providing great financing options, and people click on that ad only to end up on your homepage, not seeing anything that stands out about financing, they’re likely to leave quickly.

On the other hand, a highly focused landing page that matches the messaging of your ad is much more likely to keep them engaged and to become patients of yours.

Need help designing & Creating your lasik landing pages?

At Patient Pipeline, we’re equipped to help LASIK and refractive surgery practices with all of their marketing efforts, including landing page design and development. It might seem a bit ambitious, creating sophisticated pipelines and separate pages for singular ads – but it’s what we do, and it’s what works.

Staying ahead of your competitors is no longer as simple as relying on referrals and running a few Yellow Pages ads, or even just building a website and letting it sit. People are turning to the internet for everything, including finding a refractive surgery or LASIK doctor, but their patience is limited. Hence why it’s of the utmost importance for your LASIK or refractive surgery practice to stay ahead of the curve.

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