Social media is being used for many different marketing plans but is it effective for LASIK purposes? Broadening your LASIK marketing strategy to include millennials that are interested in learning more about eye care procedures may be very effective seeing as how this generation largely uses social media and the internet to obtain their information each day. Most people don’t utilize the same, ongoing eye care provider even if they regularly use contacts or eyeglasses so it is important to target this demographic in order to obtain their business and interest.

The Use Of Social Media

Using social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to post pictures and information regarding recent LASIK procedures. You can include testimonials from the patients involved and what the outcome of the procedure was; putting to rest any concerns or fears that a potential patient may have. It is also beneficial to educate people on your facility so they see you are reputable and community-oriented, and you care about your patients. One single photo of a happy patient that fits into the demographic you are targeting can make a big difference.

Community Participation

Yes, you may be a facility that performs eye exams, LASIK procedures, etc. However, you can use your social media accounts to show your involvement in the community. It is especially important to show people that people in general matter to your office and they can rest assured that they will matter as a patient if they decide to use your services. The newer generations are very much interested in being connected to each other and helping one another. There is value in showing your same interest to the world.

Expressing A Message

While there are many things that you can share with the world on social media as a way to market your business, you should ultimately be encouraging people to contact your office as the first step towards optimal vision and eye care. People may or may not be interested in finding out more about the LASIK procedure but it is your job to ensure that you spark that interest so you can answer questions and provide more information moving forward. There is so much you can share on the internet even prior to an appointment taking place.

Comprehensive Website

In addition to using LASIK Social Media Marketing as a way to boost your business, you should have a very comprehensive website that serves as a backup of knowledge if someone is looking to educate themselves. Not everybody feels comfortable asking questions and with people leading such very busy lives, they may not have much time to make an appointment to ask questions. They may want to find out more information before they allot time for their eye care needs. Your website should answer all basic and common questions relating to LASIK and your facility. Introduce people to your providers as this will make them feel more comfortable. You can include positive testimonials from your patients and contact information will allow them to follow up with you moving forward.

Using LASIK Social Media Marketing as a way to grow your business and clientele is very effective in this day and age with many different generations. Not only is this an affordable and convenient way to market your LASIK business, but it is very lucrative and provides great results. Contact Patient Pipeline today to learn how you can grow your LASIK practice to get more traffic and more patients in your door.

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