When people begin to search for LASIK information, this is where an effective marketing plan crucially comes in handy, regardless of whether your practice is well known or is in the process of gaining awareness. There are a number of LASIK Marketing SEO strategies that we will cover:

1. Have Your Business Name Enlisted

Internet directories are usually the go-to sites when people are browsing to find suitable opticians. Since there are tons of directories available to internet users to search for relevant services, the chances of people coming across your services are high. The most popular directories for LASIK searches are included below:

  • Yahoo Local
  • Google Places
  • Bing
  • Citysearch
  • Yelp
  • Healthgrades

These listings can be easily accessed and are free to use. They improve the knowledge of potential patients regarding service providers enlisted in these directories with their websites and contact information. It’s of great importance to routinely update your information when working on Local Search Marketing. This allows prospective patients to know your services are up to date and well-maintained.

2. Start Your Blog Page

It has been observed that a significant advancement in marketing in recent history has been made through blogging. Keeping a blog helps people connect with you, while learning information and directs people to your website. It is a simple and easy process to undertake. There are free blogging platforms that users can utilize. The most popular ones are: WordPress and Weebly. Blogs serve as avenues that offer much more detailed information to prospective LASIK patients, which is a crucial thing for most patients as they seek to get as much information as possible. Blogging is an opportunity to satisfy them before they decide on visiting you. It also helps to draw traffic to your website and subsequently become more prominent in Google searches.

3. Set up a Review Program

One of the best ways to gain the confident of potential patients is by allowing people to review you. This allows patients to choose an eye surgery specialist in their area, based on the positive reviews from other patients. Usually, customers/patients are more prompted to share poor customer service experiences rather than positive ones and this can affect your rating in the wrong way. A good way to overcome or balance this issue is by urging your patients to share their good experiences online. Offer incentives such as entering them into a drawing to win something is a way to kindly request them to share a review by directing them to your website. Also, bear in mind the simpler the review process is, the more encouraged patients will feel toward reviewing you.

4. Interact on Social Media Websites

Social media has become a platform that is not only used to connect people but is also used to market and promote services. The LASIK online marketing strategies should acknowledge the influence of social media and become part of it. Social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter can achieve a significant marketing result for eye surgery specialists over the time.

5. Diversify Your Strategies

Settling for just one marketing technique can put you at a disadvantage. There should be different approaches to publicizing your services. All LASIK marketing ideas focus on the sole idea that surgery renders you eyeglass free. Different techniques such as, celebrity testimonials, free seminars, and leaflets, and of course the promise of 20/20 eyesight improvement are used to convey the same idea. Although, these techniques are very much acceptable, they are disapproved by honest optic surgeons and also by the FDA. Because a patient can see through a speech that uses charming words to allure him but doesn’t yet provide hidden information that he can assess. Therefore, providing the right balance of information can restore the trust of patients.

If you need help with your LASIK marketing, the team at Patient Pipeline is ready to help you. We work hard to ensure you are taking measures needed to get new clients. For more information, contact us today.

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