Running a LASIK practice does not just involve the daily operations of the actual office. It also involves operating a strong web presence. This means your practice needs to have a top-notch website, excellent blog, and social media accounts. This is how many businesses, including medical practices, build their expertise with their patients today. An important part of a strong website is one that has a good SEO strategy.

What is SEO?

Let’s first start with a discussion on SEO. SEO is short for search engine optimization. When you perform organic SEO, you are ultimately directing the website of your LASIK practice to appear at the top of search engine results based on different keywords. The main goal of organic SEO is to increase the number of visitors, or traffic, to your website. Be careful when placing keywords throughout your site because if you do too much of it, also known as keyword stuffing, you can cause the site to drop in SEO rankings.

SEO Offers Low Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are important to know when it comes to marketing your website. You don’t want to have customers bounce from your site because they are uninterested in what you offer. The best way to avoid high bounce rates is to use organic SEO. Organic SEO offers the lowest bounce rates of the three main ways to promote a website: SEO, paid search, and social media.

Appear Above the Fold

One of the most important goals you should aim for when promoting your website is to appear above the fold on the search result pages. It is a known fact that people read from top to bottom and from left to right when on the Internet. If you want to have your LASIK website noticed on search result pages, it needs to appear on the first page and above the fold. This means the site must appear in the top five results. The majority of people searching for a LASIK practice want to click on the organic results, and not the paid results.

Create a Mix of Marketing Tools

You need to create a mix of marketing tools when operating a website. Even though the majority of searchers are clicking on the organic results, you still need to have paid search results for your LASIK practice. Aside from organic and paid, you also need to have local search results. Local search results are those that use keywords targeted to areas local to your practice. If you are only using one of these three methods, your LASIK practice is missing out on thousands of potential new patients.

New SEO Ranking Factors

Some of the new SEO ranking factors that Google uses to rank websites include the following:

  • Visual items such as videos and infographics
  • Code
  • Blog
  • Incoming links
  • Reviews
  • Custom content
  • META description and tags

As you can see, having a strong SEO strategy for your LASIK practice is vital to its ranking in search engine results. The better your ranking, the likelier it is that you will be able to convert website visitors into patients.

Start Your LASIK Marketing Today

At the Patient Pipeline, we work with LASIK practices to help them develop a strategy on getting more clients. SEO has several important pieces to it, but with the help of a LASIK-focused marketing firm, we will be able to guide and direct your practice to being found in Google. Contact us today to learn how we can help your LASIK practice.